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January 27, 2022 00:32:57

319 - The Long Dark Hour of No Response

This week the boys talk John’s “possible” direct effect on the Netflix stock price as well as his Jedi teaching over some new members to his team. Also the first user responses from the MoneyWell Beta release with some expected problems and some not so expected problems. Also a check in on how the M1's have been holding up to real world work and a hopeful look at what Apple could release in their next hardware drop. Joseph Heck’s Lindenmayer Library Implementation | GitHub What the heck is an L-system? | Wikipedia FRC Team 5700 getting it done in hostile working conditions | YouTube ...



January 20, 2022 00:30:09

318 - What a Load of Old Gumbo

This week the boys talk sorting objects with optional properties, protocol compliance and inheritance, 1960's British Dramas, another look at SGLite toolkit, GRDB, problems with notarising MoneyWell for the Beta release, the changing environment of borderless culture appreciation. GRDB | GitHub To Sir, With Love | Wikipedia Two segments from John's talk at Appsterdam. First is about too many notes/ingredients/features leading to indistinct music/food/software. Second is about not copying the Global/American standard in culture if you have the chance to incorporate “local” culture which might be unknown | YouTube Making Gumbo (where by definition, the mix is the ideal) | YouTube Missing Persons - Destination Unknown | YouTube ...



January 13, 2022 00:36:20

317 - Data Management and API's: The SQL

This week the boys talk the ever evolving remote workplace, and the best ways of communicating and emulating an office environment. John talks his recent frustration with debugging and context switching as a UI developer to managing various API's, initially setting up an Xcode Project and problems with Swift Packages. Scotty talks the public release of the MoneyWell 3.5 beta. MoneyWell 3.5 Public Beta Closer | Virtual Office ...



January 06, 2022 00:30:21

316 - I Know the Truth, but I Just Don’t Give a Sh*t

This week the boys talk their hopes and dreams for whats to come in 2022. For John it's the revival and continuation of some old tech, for Scotty it's the beta release of MoneyWell. The boys also talk 'The Ocean Cleanup', side projects, a refreshed attitude towards the future of MoneyWell, Apples delayed release of SharePlay. Paul Hawken's new book, Regeneration The Ocean Cleanup Revenue Cat ...



December 22, 2021 00:39:47

315 - I've Become... Triumphantly Dumb

This week the boys sum up this past year by talking; their holiday plans to their end-of-year wisdoms, their last weeks work, with John working with different designs using real data and Scotty with the release of the MoneyWell beta. John also hopes to get an extra special listener by talking his recent work with JavaScript and Node. Scotty also talks his further research into the world of multi-platform, especially in regards to the possible future of MoneyWell. Life of Brian | IMDB Life of Brian Latin Scene Analysed JavaScript Copy Object Kotlin Multi-Platform Polynome App Polynome Tutorials | YouTube Racket App iOS UI Job Listing for Racket ...



December 16, 2021 00:31:49

314 - Good Beta Testers Really Are The GOAT

This week the boys talk; Scotty's off-grid vacation, the challenges of switching off during vacation, and the inevitable mountain of emails upon return; John's pre-holiday-break ships, including Netflix's Fast Laughs feature; the work of Dave Winer; and the imminent MoneyWell beta program. ...