282 - Perfect Storm Of Failure

Episode 282 February 26, 2021 00:30:59
The iDeveloper Podcast
282 - Perfect Storm Of Failure

Show Notes

This week the boys talk the progression of languages in parallel with hardware. John hints at some possible near future success with his most recent HackDay and likens coding in Swift with landing on Mars. Scotty talks his steadily growing pile of dead MacBooks, using XcodeGen in MoneyWell and some work with fastlane including some issues with multi-factor authentication.

Die Toten Hosen, predecessors of Scotty's new band Dead Laptops | Wikipedia

Thomas Friedman on the dichotomy of American Greatness (Perseverance landing on Mars) and Failure (Texas electrical grid) | NYTimes

Making Plans for Nigel, Jenkins CI is the new British Steel | Wikipedia

App automation done right | fastlane

Automated Organization for Your Mac | Hazel

Heroic System Recovery For Mere Mortals | SuperDuper!

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